9 Qualities That Make Western Hunters Great Realtors

January 11, 2017

9 Qualities That Make Western Hunters Great Realtors 

Last night as I slept I was thinking about the qualities and character traits that make a great hunter and I noticed they were extremely similar to that of a successful Realtor. Heres a list of the Top 9:

1.Patience- Without patience you will never become a successful hunter or realtor for that matter. As a hunter in the west you have to practice patience whether its just waiting for hunting season or waiting for the animal to present an ethical shot opportunity. In real estate you must be patient with people, nobody wants to be rushed into a major decision to buy or sell a home. 

2.Work Ethic- I’ve never met a lazy successful  western hunter. Thats like a unicorn, they don't exist. It takes an enormous amount of work to constantly harvest big game animals. The same thing applies to real estate, show me a successful realtor that doesn't have an incredible work ethic. You simply can't find one

3. Persistence- Not many people have the ability to look for a particular animal for days, weeks, and even months without ever catching so much as a glimpse through the binoculars (my fellow Coues Deer hunters know this pain).  This is just the norm for the western hunter. Sometimes as a Realtor your clients’ dream home may be just as elusive, you must persist. 

4. Ability To Scout- You will never find the game if you are always looking in the wrong places.  Western hunters spend the time to make sure the areas they are searching are areas that animals live in. You will never find the right house for your client if you are always looking in the wrong areas.

5. Improving Skillsets- We never stop practicing our shooting, stalking techniques, and game eye. We are constantly learning more about animal behavior,  habitat, and moon phases.  As a Realtor you must be committed to constant learning and improvement. The market is dynamic and new technology comes out everyday. 

6. Strong Character- Hunting in the west its not uncommon to go days at a time without seeing another person. You must have a strong character to obey the game laws and practice ethical hunting when no one is looking. When you are representing people on what may be the single biggest purchase or sale of their life you better stand in Integrity!

7.  Positive Attitude- Longs days in the field for long periods of time will break a lot of people mentally. You're tired both physically and mentally exhausted, your attitude will determine your results. Waking up at 3 AM hunting hard all day and laying down to sleep at 10PM, do that for 10-13 days straight with a negative attitude and you will quit!  Sometimes as an agent things can get very difficult. Whether its the agent on the other end of the deal or if its the 5th offer you've submitted, you owe it to the client to be positive.

8. Passion- If you lack the passion of the hunt and the excitement comes only from the kill then you will NEVER be a successful western hunter. In real estate if you are not passionate about helping people you better start looking for a new career.

9. The Experience- We live for the experience of the hunt whether that means wrapping your tag around an animal or not. As hunters we are creating memories with friends, family, nature and self. The quality of the experience is the MOST important thing, harvest or not. The buying and selling process is not much different, you must provide an elite experience. One that will create fun memories. 

The Honorable Mention:

Mentorship- The willingness to give back to the younger generations. As a hunter its my responsibility to introduce a youth to this sport of wildlife conservation.  There is no shortage of books, podcast, and free seminars to educate and grow as hunters. I see the same thing amongst some of the most successful Realtors in the country. They love to share their knowledge and help a colleague.